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Exhibition Hub is a global pioneer in traveling entertainment and produces interactive and immersive experiences around the world. Creaxion works closely with Exhibition Hub and its senior executive team to promote the company and its shows across the United States. Most recently, Creaxion led PR efforts around the North American Debut of the wildly successful Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience which drew more than 425,000 visitors in Atlanta.

Creaxion is also proud to be promoting the Art of The Brick Immersive Experience as it makes its world premiere in Atlanta this spring. View the Press Release

Creaxion also helped Exhibition Hub launch its brand new, 50,000 square foot Art Center in Doraville—which has led to extensive and ongoing positive media coverage.  Creaxion works closely with Exhibition Hub, its ticketing partner Fever and other agencies to promote key shows which include: Claude Monet: The Immersive ExperienceVan Gogh: The Immersive Experience, Dinos AliveTitanic, and Bubble World

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